Blood, Sweat and Tears

A Domain is composed of Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Atlanta is a big city; it’s traditionally broken into smaller Domains.

Each of these Domains is rated in terms of Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Blood is the number of vampires who can feed within the Domain at the same time without generating Trouble. Each vampire beyond the Blood rating of a Domain generates Trouble for every vampire (themselves included) in the Domain.

Sweat is the number of downtime actions feeding requires in this Domain. It’s how hard you have to work for the Blood. Even places with plentiful Blood may require significant work to actually take advantage of it.

Tears is the amount of Trouble you get just for residing in or feeding in this Domain.

  • Downtown: Blood: 1, Sweat: 1, Tears: 1
  • Midtown: Blood: 2, Sweat: 1, Tears: 2
  • East Atlanta: Blood: 2, Sweat: 2, Tears: 1
  • Decatur: Blood: 3, Sweat: 2, Tears: 2
  • Buckhead: Blood: 2, Sweat: 1, Tears: 3
  • Smyrna: Blood: 3, Sweat: 4, Tears: 1
  • Marietta: Blood: 4, Sweat: 4, Tears: 1
  • Roswell: Blood: 4, Sweat: 3, Tears: 1
  • East Point: Blood: 4, Sweat: 3, Tears: 3
  • Ellenwood: Blood: 2 4, Sweat: 5 3, Tears: 5 3
  • Lithia Springs: Blood: 1 2, Sweat: 5 3, Tears: 3 1
  • Fairburn: Blood: 1 2, Sweat: 3 1, Tears: 5 3
  • The Barrens: Blood: 1 (3), Sweat: 5 (0), Tears: 3
  • Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge: Blood: 0 (3), Sweat: 5 (1), Tears: 1

Domains which have attributes in supertext next to them are off from where they optimally could be. This could be due to plot reasons or someone’s use of Influence.

The Barrens and Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge have numbers in parenethesis. Kindred who have Animal Succulence may choose to feed on animals in these Domains more easily.

What’s the point of all this?
Where did these numbers came from?
How can these numbers be influenced?
What if I just feed on animals?
What if I don’t have a Domain to feed in?
What if I don’t have enough actions to feed?
What domains have been claimed?

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Blood, Sweat and Tears

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