Investigating and Research During Downtimes

When a player is investigating another character (PC or NPC), a chop is tossed behind the scenes. The pool is composed of (Better of Mental or Social) + Investigation vs (Better of Mental or Social) + Subterfuge.

On a standard success, the investigator learns something about their target, and the investigated learns that someone is looking into them. Additionally, if someone with an Alternate Identity is investigated in this fashion (Alternate Identity) times, then the investigator discovers a clue that the alternate identity is fake.

On an exceptional success by the investigator, they get their information with the target being any the wiser.

On an exceptional success by the investigated, the investigator gets some incorrect information, in addition to alerting their target to being investigated.

Multiple PCs provide a +2 bonus to the chop per Downtime action spent. Level 2 Influence Actions and Contacts provide a +2 bonus each, but only for purposes of getting an exceptional success. (Likewise, someone can guard themselves against being the target of investigation with other PCs help and Influence Actions)

Research falls in much the same way, except against a static difficulty. The ‘investigated is alerted’ instead indicates that you’ve drawn the attention of someone else interested in the topic.

Note: This is only for investigation / research. Patrolling and avoiding notice from patrols work as per the book.

Investigating and Research During Downtimes

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