Questions to ask your character

These questions are optional- intended to help the Storytellers get a feeling for the lay of the land, as far as characters are concerned.

Q1: Most Kindred aren’t willing to risk immortality by coming to a city where so many vanished without a trace. Why are you different?

  1. I’m running from some disgrace; Atlanta offers a chance for a new start.
  2. I want to be recognized; Atlanta offers a green field where I can stake my own claim.
  3. I’m drawn by the weird; Atlanta offers mysteries for me to solve.
  4. I don’t want to go! Someone has dragooned me into going!
  5. ???

Q2: What is your character’s true belief regarding Gehenna?

  1. Gehenna is real, and coming. When the end arrives, the faithful will be spared. Or at least eaten last.
  2. Gehenna is Sabbat propaganda! Why would you think the founders of the clans would rise up and eat their own progeny- it doesn’t even make sense!
  3. Gehenna is a metaphor for a day that humanity rises up and overwhelms the Kindred. It’s ‘real’ insofar as it really motivates some people and should really remind us about the Masquerade.
  4. Gehenna is a spooky story, made up by the elders to scare neonates; I don’t have time for ghost stories.
  5. ???

Q3: What is your character’s true belief regarding Golconda?

  1. Golconda is real and attainable. No credible accounts of a vampire having attained suspire may exist, but I have faith it’s possible.
  2. Golwhatnow?
  3. Golconda is a religious metaphor- the impossible ideal that only exists as we have faith in it.
  4. Golconda is a fairy tale, made up by ancillia to manipulate gullible neonates; I don’t have time for wishing that things are other than as they are.
  5. ???

Q4: What is your character’s true feelings regarding the Camarilla?

  1. The Little Conspiracy is a corrupt and rotten edifice, full of hypocritical, two-faced monsters. Unfortunately, the alternates are one faced, diablerizing monsters and posturing, ineffectual hipsters.
  2. The Ivory Tower is the perfect government for Kindred, ensuring that the oldest and wisest are always in the best position to guide and advise.
  3. The Camarilla was a good idea when it was founded- but the undying geritocracy that governs it is getting increasingly out of touch. These modern nights are going to pass them by soon enough.
  4. The Camarilla’s pretty good. It’d be better if I were in charge.
  5. ???

Q5: Tell me about your Sire.

  1. My sire is the greatest Kindred that there could ever be. I can only hope to live up to their shining, glorious example. Also, they might have been keeping me blood bound.
  2. You can tell my worthless, sack of shit sire is lying when their lips are moving. The less we see each other, the better.
  3. My sire’s a Kindred- no better, and no worse than many others. We get along well enough; I generally support them, they generally support me.
  4. My sire made a mistake- me. I’ll make sure they know it before the end, too.
  5. ???

Q6: Tell me about your Embrace.

  1. It was awesome! My sire was super gentle, very relaxing, very welcoming. My sire made sure I first fed on a cow, which was- ya’know, kind of gross, but it let me get control without too much damage.
  2. It was my due; after years of loyal service. Now, the prize- immortality!
  3. Terror. Pain. Ecstacy. Blood. Anger. Hunger. And here we are.
  4. I was sort of an accident- my sire wasn’t really looking for childer at the moment, but decided they just couldn’t let me die.
  5. ???

Q7: Do you have any Brood-mates (other Kindred Embraced by the same sire)?

  • If yes, do you get along with them?
  • If no,

Q8: Many Kindred change their given name upon being Embraced; have you?

  • If so, what was your birth name? And why did you choose the name you did?
  • If not, why not?

Q9: What is something your character is embarrassed about, but which is not immediately dangerous?

Questions to ask your character

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