Atlanta Cinere Surgit

“Atlanta Rises from the Ashes”

Theme: Morality and Chaos
Mood: Mysterious
Scope: Atlanta
Setting: Camarilla
System: By Night Studio’s Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade
Contact: Cinere Surgit ST
Facebook Group: Atlanta Cinere Surgit

In a single night, every Kindred in Atlanta simply vanished- with neither warning nor sign of struggle. After fighting for years to reclaim the city from the Sabbat, the Ivory Tower is unwilling to simply cede Atlanta away- but at the same time, few Kindred are eager to risk their immortal existences in a city where such a weird and mysterious tragedy could strike.

You are among the first colonists, recruited by Archon Kimetz Landar, who are seeking to settle in this newly emptied city- and who may find it is not as empty as first expected.