Joseph Giovanni

The Tremere Primogen of Atlanta


A stout man bearing blatant markings of Italian heritage, Joseph dresses in fine but comfortable clothing. He is always followed by the pleasant aroma of herbs, brandy, and old books. He keeps his dark hair pulled back at all times and his beard neatly trimmed. Friendly but distant, he always has time to chat. But when his occult skills are called upon he never hesitates to bring them to bear – those in the way are given exactly one warning to duck.

Joseph tends to keep his arcane trappings to a minimum, but a gaudy amulet is always worn about his neck – he is never seen without it.


Joseph’s last name is not a coincidence – he was born into the mortal Giovanni family. Groomed in that august bloodline’s standard practices of necromancy and backstabbing, he has long been aware of the Kindred, and had fully expected to take his place among their number when he came of age.

His sire, however, provided the young man with the chance to rebel in a most delicious way. In a daring display, the Tremere known as Whisper, currently a citizen of St. Louis, approached the young Joseph and offered him membership in his clan, rather than the one of Joseph’s birth. Having long ago grown tired of his birth-clan’s machinations, Joseph jumped at the chance, and was Embraced in 1990, and has been a loyal member of both the Tremere and the Camarilla ever since.

He learned what he could from his sire and then struck out on his own, but always pursued by agents of his old family. His slight was taken as a great insult, and Joseph has spent every night since his Embrace fighting to survive. Recently, their attacks have escalated by several orders of magnitude, prompting Joseph to seek out a solution to his problem. Atlanta offers him several unique opportunities to get the Giovanni off of his back, in addition to scoring considerable approval with his adopted clan and sect.

Joseph Giovanni

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