Justine French

The Sheriff of Atlanta


A small, dark-haired woman, the Sheriff carries herself with an ease that implies she doesn’t take anything particularly seriously; in truth, at first glance, she seems to be perpetually bored. Neither exceptionally striking, nor exceptionally plain, Justine seems to be largely unconcerned with her own physical attractiveness, save for her somewhat neat manner of dress. She is completely self-assured, however, and could even be considered charismatic when asserting herself.

Her confidence might be considered overbearing save for the fact that she seems to be exceptionally laid back. Unflappable and unwavering in times of crisis, the passionate nature indicative of her clan is expressed in deeply held convictions, rather than the more explosive displays Brujah are generally known for. This does not mean Justine is a passive individual, more that she’s perceptive enough to pick her battles; the fight that comes is every bit as bloody.


Justine was born and raised in Atlanta, and has returned to the city on numerous occasions since her embrace in 1915. When asked, she will mention that she has family in the area and occasionally looks in on them. Her return to Atlanta since the disappearance of the previous court seems to have more to do with curiosity regarding something strange happening on her home turf than any particular attachment to her mortal descendants.

As a mortal, Justine was a suffragette and active in the local women’s rights movement—an involvement that attracted the interest of her sire and led to her eventual embrace. Since becoming a vampire, Justine has not abandoned that radical spirit, and she and her sire, Jourdain Bouchard, have involved themselves in a number of grassroots movements and political uprisings over the last century.

Now that she resides in Atlanta, Justine teaches political science and women’s studies at Agnes Scott college, attempting to inspire the same revolutionary spirit in a whole new crop of young women.

Justine French

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