Lucius Seneca

Kindred Historian


A bald man in his 30’s. Typically dressed to not stand out in a crowd. Despite this, mortals seem ill at ease around him.


Lucius Seneca is not the typical Ventrue. This centuries old Kindred has largely stayed out of the political arena, preferring instead to spend his nights with his books.

He is a respected scholar of Kindred history, and among the most knowledgeable in the Camarilla on the subject.

He has made several contributions to upholding the Masquerade throughout the years, by taking various pen names and using his own knowledge of history and superstition to pen a variety of “non-fiction” books to debunk the belief in supernatural creatures.

It is known that Lucius is not a follower of the Humanity morality system, rather he eschewed that long ago and believes that Kindred are superior to humanity in every way and therefore sees no reason to try to mimic their behavior. Although following alternative pathways to enlightenment is rare and frowned upon within the Camarilla, limiting how far he may climb up the social ladder, he has proven his dedication to the cause of the Camarilla to remove any doubt from those above him in station.

Lucius Seneca

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