Sebastian St. Germain

Resident Caitiff


Sebastian is a man of average build and height, with sharp features and a face that one could easily find moderately attractive. He is always dressed well, though not uncomfortably so, with collared shirts and simple slacks his most common uniform. His face is perfectly southern European: auburn hair, brown eyes, and a hint of olive color to his skin tone. Perhaps most remarkable about the man is that upon first impressions his warm skin, flushed cheeks, and natural breath make him appear very much alive.

Sebastian is an eager member of the Ivory Tower and a warm friend to those whom seek it. Always ready with a smile and a handshake, it’s easy to forget this man for the Caitiff he is. Even when chided by an elder, Sebastian most often accepts the discipline with a gracious smile and nod of humility.


Sebastian St. Germain

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